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& Metals Inc., in Garden Grove

CRV Aluminum, Plastic, Glass Recycling, Scrap metals recycling, E-waste recycling, Paper recycling and more.

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Aluminum Cans
We accept most of the competitors for aluminum cans

Our Location

Recycling services at your disposal. Earn money helping take care of the planet.

We located in Garden Grove. We are close to Santa Ana, Westminster, Tustin, Anaheim, Costa Mesa, and Irvine. No matter where you are, we are here to assist you with your recycling needs.

About Us

We have the necessary equipment to recycle all types of materials and provide you with fair service with the exact weight when you bring your materials.
Why Choose Us

At Garcia Recycling Center & Metals, Inc., we are dedicated to promoting sustainability through our recycling operations. We strive to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and maximize the value of recyclable materials, thereby contributing to the conservation of our natural resources.

Our friendly team will help you select your materials to recycle and will gladly guide you through every step of selling your recyclable materials.
Exceptional Customer Service

We take pride in offering first-class customer service at all times. Our highly trained team is here to answer your questions, assist you with the recycling process, and ensure that your experience with us is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Recycling services at your disposal. Earn money helping take care of the planet.
We Pay the Best Prices

We value your recyclable materials and guarantee the best prices on the market. Additionally, we offer same-day cash payments, without unnecessary delays. We believe that your recycling efforts deserve to be rewarded, and we make sure to provide you with fair compensation for your materials.

Our Services

"Customers Come First"

Plastic recycling of various types and compositions. We pay the best price the same day.
We accept all CRV plastic containers recycling

Our plastic recycling service is designed to help reduce the environmental impact of plastic waste by processing and reusing plastic materials. We accept a wide variety of plastics, including PET, HDPE, PS #6, and more.

We are a recycling center in Garden Grove specialists in aluminum recycling. Help us take care of the environment.
We accept all CRV aluminum cans

With our aluminum recycling service, we aim to recover and recycle aluminum materials to conserve natural resources and reduce energy consumption.

At Garcia Recycling Center and Metals, Inc. you will find an ally who will help you with glass recycling and earn money with us.
We accept all CRV glass beverage

Our glass recycling service is dedicated to diverting glass waste from landfills and promoting the reuse of glass materials. We accept glass bottles, jars, and other glass containers.

Cardboard recycling for individuals and companies, count on our recycling service to make money and help the planet.
Paper recycling

• Paper

• White paper

• Mix paper

• Newspaper

• Cardboard

• Books

• Magazines

• Colored paper

Experts in scrap metal recycling with the necessary equipment and the best disposition to always help you with your materials.
Scrap metal recycling
  • Scrap metal
  • Iron
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Sheet metals
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Steel
  • Insulated copper
  • Bright and shiny copper
Bring your new or old televisions, regardless of the state, here we take care of the recycling service for this type of materials.
We accept
TV and monitors





Recycling of metal scrap, we accept ferrous and non-ferrous materials and we pay the right price the same day.
Pallet 40 x48 recycling

• Block Pallet

• 4-way Pallet

Electrical waste recycling with excellent prices for your electronic and technological equipment.
We Accept Electronics

• Computers

• Laptops

• Smartphones

• Tablets

• Servers

• Modems

• Routers

• Other Electronic Devices

Steel recycling at the best price for its materials.
Steel Recycling

• Iron

• Cast iron

Don't know if what you have is steel? Test it, if it sticks to magnet 🧲 its steel

Recycling of appliances of all types, we pay the best price.
We accept metal appliances

We pay the best price for all types of appliances, including:

  • Refrigerator
  • Stove
  • Oven
  • Washer
  • Dryers
  • Microwaves
  • Water heaters
  • Boilers

Why Are We Conveniently Your Best Option?

We served the next cities: Garden Grove, Santa Ana, Westminster, Tustin, Anaheim, Costa Mesa, and Irvine

Professional Service

At our recycling center, we are committed to providing exceptional professional service in every interaction with our customers. From the moment you arrive at our facilities, you will be greeted by a knowledgeable and friendly team dedicated to providing you with an unparalleled experience. Our trained staff is always available to answer your questions, provide expert advice, and assist you throughout the recycling process.

We Pay the Best Prices
At Garcia Recycling Center & Metals, Inc., we believe in properly valuing our customers' efforts to recycle and contribute to environmental conservation. That's why we are committed to paying the best prices on the market for your recyclable materials. Our goal is to offer you fair and competitive compensation for your recycling efforts, thus recognizing the value of your contribution.
Assistance with Unloading Material
We understand that unloading recycled material can be a challenging and physically demanding task for many of our customers. We are here to help. Our team is available to provide you with assistance in unloading your recycled materials, ensuring that the process is as easy and comfortable as possible for you. Whether you are unloading large quantities of material or simply need an extra hand, you can rely on us to provide the necessary support at all times.

¡Hablamos Español!
Centro de reciclaje en Garden Grove

En Garcia Recycling Center & Metals, Inc., nos enorgullecemos de ser una empresa líder en el sector del reciclaje en Garden Grove y sus alrededores. Desde nuestros humildes comienzos, nos hemos dedicado incansablemente a ofrecer servicios de reciclaje de alta calidad que beneficien tanto a nuestros clientes como al medio ambiente. Con un compromiso inquebrantable con la sostenibilidad y la responsabilidad ambiental, nos esforzamos por ser un pilar en la comunidad, brindando soluciones integrales para la gestión de residuos y fomentando prácticas de reciclaje responsables.

Nuestra Misión:

En Garcia Recycling Center & Metals, Inc., nuestra misión es clara: proporcionar a nuestros clientes una experiencia de reciclaje sin complicaciones y altamente satisfactoria. Creemos en la importancia de preservar nuestros recursos naturales para las generaciones futuras, y por eso nos comprometemos a promover prácticas de reciclaje que ayuden a conservar el medio ambiente y reducir nuestra huella ecológica. Buscamos no solo ser líderes en el campo del reciclaje, sino también ser un ejemplo a seguir en cuanto a responsabilidad ambiental y desarrollo sostenible.

Por qué Elegirnos:

Compromiso con la Sostenibilidad: En Garcia Recycling Center & Metals, Inc., estamos dedicados a promover la sostenibilidad a través de nuestras operaciones de reciclaje. Nos esforzamos por reducir la cantidad de residuos enviados a los vertederos y maximizar el valor de los materiales reciclables, contribuyendo así a la conservación de nuestros recursos naturales.

Servicio al Cliente Excepcional:

Nos enorgullece ofrecer un servicio al cliente de primera clase en todo momento. Nuestro equipo altamente capacitado está aquí para responder a tus preguntas, ayudarte con el proceso de reciclaje y asegurarse de que tu experiencia con nosotros sea lo más fluida y agradable posible.

Pagamos los Mejores Precios:

Valoramos tus materiales reciclables y te garantizamos los mejores precios del mercado. Además, ofrecemos pagos en efectivo el mismo día, sin esperas innecesarias. Creemos que tus esfuerzos para reciclar merecen ser recompensados, y nos aseguramos de ofrecerte una compensación justa por tus materiales.

Nuestra Cobertura:

Con ubicaciones estratégicas en Garden Grove y una red de servicios extendida, atendemos a clientes en diversas áreas, incluyendo Garden Grove, Santa Ana, Westminster, Tustin, Anaheim, Costa Mesa e Irvine. No importa dónde te encuentres, estamos aquí para ayudarte con tus necesidades de reciclaje.

En Garcia Recycling Center & Metals, Inc., estamos comprometidos a ser tu socio confiable en el reciclaje. Nos esforzamos por marcar la diferencia en nuestra comunidad y en el mundo en general, promoviendo prácticas de reciclaje responsables y fomentando un futuro más limpio y sostenible para todos. ¡Únete a nosotros en nuestro viaje hacia un mundo más verde y próspero!

What Our Clients Say

Service is really fast when you get your items separately. The service is fast when you have all your items separated.


Alberto Nava

The employees work very fast, but the people do not help, yes they will carry all their recycling separately, the service would be faster for them and also for the people who are waiting for our turn.


María García

They serve you quickly, the cost is according to what you carry, you must carry the recycling separately for faster, and they serve you very quickly.

The only error that occurs is that the GPS guides you to an address like a mall, but the entrance is on Westminster and you enter the Seaboard until the end.


Carlos 7

I come here every single time I need the recycle. They’re super friendly. It’s a pleasure talking with the workers. They’re always there to help you out. To the point where I’d rather just make the extra drive here, then go to other places. Plus, they pay out well.


Yura Sai

The best of the best. I got here 5 min before they closed, and they got me in and out with money in my hand. Make sure you ALWAYS sort everything out at home if you want them to move fast. Help them help you. The guys are very fast, efficient and friendly. I've been going here ever since I discovered it. 5/5 highly recommended



I've been here multiple times and it's always a good experience. It's clean, fast and the prices seem fair. Also, the staff are always friendly and will explain how to sort your recyclables and which baskets to use, heck they even help you sort if it's slow it seems. Good place.


Ryan Probasco

Garcia Recycling Center and Metals, Inc. old photo and logo.

Our History

Garcia started his can recycling business in 1987. He quickly expanded to five locations in busy shopping centers within five months. With help from family and friends, especially from Jalisco, the business grew. Despite challenges, Garcia's focus on customer service, learned from his time in the restaurant industry, has been key to their success. They prioritize making customers feel valued, leading to a loyal clientele in Orange County. Garcia's dedication to customer satisfaction has guided the business for over three decades, proving that genuine care and dedication endure.

“Our priority is you, our customer.”

¡Hablamos español, visítenos!

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